Useful Tips

Our main purpose is that you enjoy the guided tour “Tapas & Taverns” in Ancient Madrid and share our customs in the most intense and pleasant way. We suggest you read the following answers to the most frequent questions our customers make. Some useful tips:

How can I book a tour?
Click on this website and follow a simple process.

How long in advance should the reserve be made?
A  minimum of 48 hours before the chosen date of the tour is required. During the high season or bank holidays, there might be a higher demand, so it is advisable to make the booking in longer advance.

Can I cancel my booking already paid for?
A booking cancellation as well as a change of date can always be made subject to conditions. Click “General Conditions”.

What consequences does a customer´s delay have related to the tour starting time?
In order to achieve a good course of the planned program, it is an essential requirement that the group is formed and ready 15 minutes before the tour starts.
Any delay in the fixed timetable means the tour cancellation on behalf of the customer.

Which are the date and timetable choices?
“T&T” Tour goes on 7 days a week.
There  are two timetable choices: “Lunch” Tour (13:00 h) and “Dinner” Tour (20:00 h).
The chosen date and time in the booking form, will always be subject to availability.

Are there any additional expenses during the activity?
No. The price includes the whole service as described.

Is it possible to obtain an especial price?
Yes. It is subject to the number of people who hires the service in the same tour.
From 6 people to a maximum of 12 people (largest group), a 10% discount is offered.
Contact  us via e-mail for further information.

What is the most suitable clothing?
“Tapear” in Madrid is a very popular custom, so, formal clothing is not required. The relaxing and friendly atmosphere in the tavern invites you to wear casual clothes.
Wear comfortable footwear as it is not a too long urban foot route.
It is advisable not to carry awkward handbags or any other items that could make you feel uncomfortable, as the traditional way to taste a “tapa” is standing at the tavern´s bar, the so called “barra”.

Is there any especial personal feature or condition needed to join the tour?
During “T&T tours”, the group visits taverns which sell alcoholic drinks. In Spain, the sale of alcoholic drinks to under 18s is illegal. However, under age can stay in the tavern providing the regulations are observed.
Nevertheless, we advise adults not to come with young children, as in most cases, facilities are not appropriate for them.
On the other hand, the route involves walking through the streets of the “Old Madrid”, and this may lead to difficulty in moving around. People with serious physical disability are advised not to join the “T&T Tour”.